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A Frat Boy Fuck Fest

Do you long for some edgy porn that sparks your fantasies in ways they haven’t been spanked before? Well, FratX is the perfect site for that. If you enjoy watching nonconsensual scenes of gay guys taking what they want from another guy then you’ll enjoy the antics here. Frat parties are notorious for being wild with too much alcohol and drugs flowing and these parties are no different. These guys are going hard at it. You’ll enjoy gangbangs that are completely bareback and other sordid sexual pleasures. If you’d never fantasized about a drunken college gangbang before that’s soon going to change. 

Become a member today and you can use the FratX discount for 63% off. This is going to put all of the HD videos at your fingertips. Each of the scenes is accompanied by a description and a collage of photographs for you to enjoy. You can stream all of this content without ever having to worry about limits. Finding your favorite scenes is made easy by the search tools that are provided. You’re also going to be able to watch all of these videos using your cellphone.

Porn is Part of the College Experience

There are religious universities out there that have blocked access to porn over their WiFi. I think that’s dumb, but I get it. They are private Catholic colleges and get to make their own rules. What bothers me is that there are groups and petitions out there trying to get porn banned from other universities, such as Notre Dame.

Porn was part of my college experience. Back when I was still living with my parents, I wasn’t out yet. As much as  I enjoyed porn, it was also a massive point of anxiety for me. I was terrified of my parents or siblings catching me with gay porn. Moving out and going off to college a couple of states over, changed everything for me. It helped me come into who I am. The freedom to not only look at porn but look at gay porn felt amazing. Now years later, I am out and proud, and blog about gay sex. It really did play a part in shaping my life, and I feel it was a definite positive.

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