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Feeling like a solitary freak at an adult hookup site

It’s easy to blow it at the typical adult hookup site. It really is. You put in the time and after all this effort you end up empty handed. I know it’s quite disappointing especially given the fact that you were quite excited joining the website.


If you’re like the typical dude and you’ve seen all those ads of naked women jumping on cocks and saying, hey, they want to go on a date with you, it’s easy for you to get excited. You get in there, fill out your profile, spend a lot of time, reach out to lots of chicks, and you fail. It doesn’t take long for you to just kick yourself and just give up on the whole thing.


Well, before you think of doing that or start on the process of doing that, you might want to think twice. You see, you’re going through something that most guys go through. Regardless of what you try in life, you will always start out as a newbie. Nobody starts out a veteran. It doesn’t work that way.


So what you need to do is just understand that you are learning something. You really just have to enjoy the process. If you get desperate or if you feel that your owed pussy or you’re entitled to some sort of guaranteed result, then you are definitely going to lose the game. You are definitely going to get so discouraged that you would quit.


You see, to fail in anything in life is to simply give up and that’s precisely what you’re setting yourself up for if you have those mindsets. Get rid of that shit. Instead, enjoy being a newbie. Enjoy exploring the site, enjoy reaching out to people, and try to figure them out. The more you enjoy yourself, the more you will pick up certain patterns.


If you are in any way shape or form curious, you would be able to look past those patterns and come up with a strategy or tactic that would pay off for you. That’s how you play the game.